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Welcome to COPESSA

COPESSA (Community-based Prevention and Empowerment Strategies in South Africa) is a multiple award-winning community-based organization whose reason for being is the prevention of Violence Against Children (VAC).

For the past 15 years, we have pioneered the use of a holistic Ecological model, for both understanding of the predisposing factors of  VAC and tailor-making programmes that address it.

Consequently, we offer the following mix of strategies and services:

  • Creating enabling and supporting environments for children within the home and community- Safe play parks, income-generating projects, parental skills
  • Transforming social and cultural norms that condone or normalize violence-community mobilization, community dialogues
  • Responsive and supportive services promoting healing from abuse- Counselling, medical assessments, appropriate referrals.

 GOOD NEWS: COPESSA has been granted a life-line through the support and pledges of individuals and entities that want to see us continue serving our communities. Click here SAVE COPESSA for more on these news. 


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