COPESSA offers free services as most beneficiaries are indigent. As our major focus is primary prevention, we provide Sustainable Community Development Programmes and Projects to address the root causes of child abuse, which we have identified in our community. 

The following are our interventions:

Transforming Social and cultural norms that condone or normalise violence

  • Community Mobilisation-dialogues, group discussions
  • Formation of stakeholder forum focused on violence prevention
  • Conducting Social and Behaviour Change programmes-Participatory IEC campaigns, dialogues
  • Capacitate youth for peer-to-peer support
  • Awareness Campaigns
  • Engaging local media

Creating an enabling and supportive environment for children within the home and community

  • Co-build safe play parks for children, after-school care facilities, support youth clubs
  • Counselling and support of parents
  • Co-creation of income-generating initiatives targeting women eg. crafts project, garden project

Responsive and supportive services promoting healing from abuse

  • Capacitate counsellors to deal sensitively with child abuse & neglect and gender-based violence
  • Counselling  and medical assessment of abuse survivors
  • Strengthen referral systems across relevant services eg. South African Police Services, Emergency Forensic Services, Schools for children with special needs, etc.

Financial Sponsors