Forgiveness in our Community

Fri, 09/22/2017

Led by our facilitator Gopie Maremela, September’s Community Dialogue about forgiveness took place on the 22nd at COPESSA Park. After a short recap of last month’s topic, relationships, the participating community members started discussing what forgiveness meant to them, why we need to forgive and how we forgive.To the group, forgiveness is a means to freeing ourselves from hate and pain while it also enables us to breaking out of a cycle of violence, heal and move on. One of the major outcomes was that people mainly need to forgive in order to be able to continue with their own lives instead of waiting for an apology or getting stuck in mistrust.As human beings, we are bound to make mistakes at some point, which is why we should always be ready to forgive ourselves and others, too. Sometimes we need to keep in mind that there could be some reasons we do not understand for other people to trespass against us. However, some situations where it might be very difficult to forgive were also passionately spoken about. What was evident is that there are situations that are easier to forgive than others but this does not mean they are unforgivable.To conclude the discussion, the question asked was how do we teach our children about forgiveness in both word and deed. The following points were raised:

  • Forgiveness begins at home. Teach children forgiveness by forgiving their actions.
  • Forgiveness helps with relating better with other people
  • Accountability (for the child to take responsibility for their actions)
  • It is important to try understand the situation from the other person’s perspective (Empathy)
  • Parents can teach children alternatives to how they can respond, i.e. not being violent when angered.

This was a great introduction to our new German volunteers who found it very interesting to get to know the community’s views and to participate in the discussion which could well have gone on for longer. At last, the participants agreed upon “When we don’t forgive” as next month’s topic. You are welcome to join us on the 20TH October 2017 at 11:00

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