Good News! We have been given a life-line.

Fri, 07/19/2019

Dear Friend of COPESSA,

Thank you for believing in us during our trying times. Many of you have come forward with messages of support, promises and pledges to help us overcome these storms. Your support does not go unrecognized. We have also been using this time to re-imagine  ourselves and re-configure our offering to our communities. We believe that our communities are the heroes they have been waiting for. Our new role as catalysts will be to support these heroes as they rise in their homes and neighbourhoods.

Something that helped affirm this thinking was the Model we have hewn over the past 15 years to prevent Child Abuse and Neglect is exactly the same as that recommended by the "INSPIRE" World Health Organization in 2016.  We might not  have had the financial muscle to do the requisite rigorous research but we have done it! All that we have had to do is align our strategies to "INSPIRE."  Click here to see the revamped COPESSA Model:

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