COPESSA Theory of Change

To support our vision and mission as an organization we developed a Theory of Change which is the rationale of 'why we do what we do' and 'the how of it all'.

Our Fundraising Website on Global Giving is Online!

Visit our project entry here!  We have been accepted at Global Giving, an international crowdfunding platform and are raising funds for our free counselling sessions for gender-based violence survivors. Please be part of it, donate now and make your contribution to an empowered, violence-free community!  Please share the link with family and friends!

Forgiveness in our Community

Led by our facilitator Gopie Maremela, September’s Community Dialogue about forgiveness took place on the 22nd at COPESSA Park. After a short recap of last month’s topic, relationships, the participating community members started discussing what forgiveness meant to them, why we need to forgive and how we forgive.To the group, forgiveness is a means to freeing ourselves from hate and pain while it also enables us to breaking out of a cycle of violence, heal and move on.

Farewell and Welcome! New Faces at Copessa

 Last week, we had to say Goodbye to our German volunteer Fiona. The entire Copessa Family wants to thank her for her work at the projects and at the office! With her work and motivation she contributed greatly to the entire organization. We hope that she arrived safe and sound in Germany, and we also hope to see her again soon in Soweto!Meanwhile we want to welcome our new German volunteers for the next year, Hannah and Basti.We are looking forward to working with them in the projects and want to welcome them to our Copessa Family!

Our Blog is online!

COPESSA is going to share stories and happenings on our new blog. Find all the articles here:


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