Brick Projects

The initial brick project, which was funded by IDC, and empowered unemployed women and youth from the Waterworks Informal Settlement, was put on hold because the participants demanded to be paid wages.  This was not as per agreement, where they were going to be paid from the sales of the bricks.  We also experienced a lot of accidents at the site from motor vehicles, which lost control from the R559 road and crashed into the property, resulting in two fatalities of the car occupants.  Due to these and other challenges, it was decided to can the project for a while and look at a better model.

We now think that we have a better offer and are in the process of resuscitating this project with the help of Massmart.  We have also moved site to an industrial area.  The initiative will be run as a social enterprise, ((Pty) Ltd company), and a percentage of the profits will be donated to COPESSA to fund the services we offer.


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