Our Wishlist

Monthly or once-off donations or Grants towards our running costs (see budget breakdown for details) – no amount is too small for us.
Donations or Grants towards specific needs & community development projects. Current projects are:
  1.     Skate Park and Life-skills development center building – we need about one million rand to complete this project
  2.     Youth life skills development – we need at least 15 laptops with licensed software, data projector (beamer), a safe to store computers, internet access, wifi router, printers, desks
Skills (“sweat-equity project”) & In-kind Donations, e.g.
  1.     Organisational support e.g. HR, Training of our volunteers on computer skills, newsletter & brochure design, Minor maintenance of building – plumbing, electricity, painting,  etc., marketing strategy, fundraising, financial planning, etc.
  2.     Life skills development for the community – computer lessons, reading for children, arts & music, chess playing etc.
  3.     Children’s reading books, board games
  4.     Stationery

Financial Sponsors